iFeel is a website devoted to get you back on your feet with self help techniques. These articles that you will find in this site come from a veriety of great sights including:


Stepcase Lifehack

Zen Habits


The content of the articles are mainly ways to help de-stress, get energy, and start being productive again.

The search on the site is specifically designed for you to input what you are feeling, then get results based on your mood or state. For example, in the search box titled “Im Feeling…” Fill in the blank. What are you feeling right now? Tired? Unmotivated? Distracted? When you start the search it will search through all the articles that may have a solution to your problem. If you cant quite put your finger on exactly the way you feel, no matter, hit the tag drop down box and pick the tag closest to how you feel. Hope it works!

Get better soon!


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